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Visit the Middle East region with a dedicated and passionate guide.

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With 4, archaeological sites in Syria alone, the Near East region has kept many historical markings. To design your trip and to know the sites, please contact us by email.

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Geology You have a desire to site rencontre travel in relation to your passion … Come and walk on Syrian soil at all levels! Discovery of southern Syria and its volcanoes … responsible for the black color that covers Soueida and its surroundings.

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You will find olivine basalts, basaltic organs and recent basalts of the order of years containing bones. Go to the coast to study the marine terraces of the Latakia region. Back to the Neogene, Paleogene and Upper Cretaceous … Archaeological and historical, as well as geologically, Palmyre will be a must for your trip!

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There you will study in detail the chain of Palmyrids, whose oldest sites are dated from the Upper Triassic. Opportunity to make a geological tour only or to make a geological and cultural trip. To realize the geological voyage of your dream please site rencontre travel our agency site rencontre travel will prepare you a tailor-made program Armenian pilgrimage While associating it with the visit of the unmissable sites of Syria, go to meet the Armenian community, their churches and places that have marked their history.

Christian pilgrimage Dive into the heart of Christian history in Syria, the only country where people still speak the language rencontre usa Christ … Follow in the footsteps of Saint Paul on the road to Damascus and discover the imprint of Christianity through these places marked by the biblical story.

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Discover the different practices of Christianity past and present. Go to meet the Christian populations where some still speak the language of Christ and share moments of exchange, witness and recollection.


Visit and discover the churches and monuments of the different Christian periods, witnesses of the biblical adventures. We will respond as soon as possible.

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In the footsteps of these commercial travelers who walked the Silk Road, discover these artisans with ancestral know-how. Cross the souks of Damascus and Aleppo in search of the rare object or the oriental souvenir.

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